What is a B&B?

Bed & Breakfast definition

'Bed and Breakfast' (B&B in short) is exactly what a bed & breakfast offers – in a completely unique way. A cordial welcome, tips about the surrounding area, and a one-of-a-kind experience; all reasons why so many travellers choose this form of accommodation. Bed & breakfasts are personal; a reflection of the personality and passion of the owner. This makes them fascinating and different every time. From apartment to chalet, from wellness B&B to theme room: bed and breakfasts cannot be categorized. If we were to give it a definition, this would be it:

'Bed and breakfast is a small-scale accommodation aimed at offering the option for a touristic and usually short stay with the serving of breakfast. A bed & breakfast is situated in a home or outbuilding and is run by the owner of the property concerned.'

This is not a fixed definition. Sometimes the B&B is located a couple of blocks away from the home address of the owner, think for example of a wooden chalet in the middle of a forest. There are also B&B owners that only serve breakfast upon request. But in general, you may assume the abovementioned definition.

B&Bs mostly owe their charm to their small-scaled nature. Because they have such a small number of rooms you can count on an outstanding service. Usually, the accommodation is run by the owner of the property, often together with their partner. Staff are usually only seen at large bed and breakfasts with more than seven rooms. With each B&B on Bedandbreakfast.nl you can see the number of beds.


Do you appreciate your privacy, then a bed and breakfast is an excellent choice. The majority of B&Bs offer private sanitary and a private entrance. Often you can even rent an entire home or apartment for yourself. A shared bathroom is seen with a small part of the B&Bs. In the room terms of the guest rooms on Bedandbreakfast.nl you can see whether there is a private or shared bathroom. You can also filter the search results so only B&Bs with a private bathroom are shown.

Special stays

Many bed and breakfasts have a spacious garden or a cosy sitting room with a fireplace. Perfect to relax in, and for spending quality time together. Are you looking for a special B&B, for a romantic weekend break or a family outing for example? On Bedandbreakfast.nl you can find accommodations where spending the night becomes a complete adventure, such as a mill, a house boat, a castle or even an airplane.

B&B activities

Often there are special things to do in a bed and breakfast, think of tea tastings, creative workshops, tours, and culinary packages. Don't hesitate to ask your host or hostess for tips of the surrounding area. Who would know the way to the best restaurants, the trendiest hotspots in the city, or the most beautiful places for a picnic better than them? Would you like to go walking or cycling? Often there are routes ready for you in your bed & breakfast. You will get to know the city or area as a local, and you will end up in places you would have normally walked past.

Sustainable tourism

Ever more travellers attach great importance to sustainable tourism and choose a bed & breakfast. B&Bs have no negative impact on the environment, on humans, nature or on culture. They are usually set-up in existing properties so new development isn’t necessary. The owner doesn’t have to take drastic measures to create an experience: spending the night in a bed and breakfast is an experience in itself. Thanks to their sustainable nature, bed and breakfasts are attractive for companies as well. One in three B&B guests is a business traveller. For them it is nice to ‘come home to’ a bed and breakfast after a long day in a conference room or meeting.

A B&B for everyone

Because there are so many different, fun bed & breakfasts, you can always find an accommodation that offers just what you’re looking for. Are you in the mood for the conviviality of a village, the vastness of the country side, or the vibrant vibe of a big city? Would you like to get well-rested or have an active break amidst nature? It can all be perfectly combined with a bed and breakfast. Choose a trendy city apartment with shops, restaurants, and nightlife just around the corner. Or book a monumental property by the sea, an ecological farm with a vineyard, or a chalet in the forest. Whatever your travel plans may be, you can find your perfect bed and breakfast on Bedandbreakfast.nl.

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