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Largest B&B offer

Bedandbreakfast.nl is the platform for people that are searching for a bed & breakfast in the Netherlands. With no less than 6092 rooms and apartments it is the largest B&B website of the Netherlands. Every year, the website receives millions of visitors from across the globe. Bedandbreakfast.nl is part of Bedandbreakfast.eu, the world’s largest B&B website with over 4 million rooms and apartments all over the world. Bedandbreakfast.nl is managed by Bedandbreakfast.eu B.V. The head office is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Bed & Breakfast promotion

Bedandbreakfast.nl was founded by Hanny Arens in 1999, with the aim to make bed & breakfasts in the Netherlands easier to find. Owners can present their accommodations on the website and visitors can simply compare and book the B&Bs. Bedandbreakfast.nl has top positions in search engines such as Google, and has substantial brand awareness. Thus for B&B owners in the Netherlands, Bedandbreakfast.nl is the most important promotion channel.

"Bedandbreakfast.nl is the instrument where people start looking if they specifically need a bed & breakfast."
Yvonne Mulder, owner of B&B Roosenburg in Schoonhoven, Netherlands.

B&B starters guide

Bedandbreakfast.nl are the publisher of the popular starters guide 'Bed & Breakfast Manual'. Every year, this publication helps hundreds of beginning bed and breakfast entrepreneurs to get their business started, with current market figures, information on B&B legislation, and marketing tips. We also offer advice to local municipalities and support them in drawing up the local bed & breakfast policy. For the media, Bedandbreakfast.nl is the regular point of contact when it involves bed & breakfasts.

Blog and newsletter

You can find the best ideas for your vacation and tips about bed & breakfasts in our blog and newsletter, and every day we share the most beautiful bed & breakfasts on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we manage a blog for B&B owners, with news from the Dutch B&B industry, marketing tips, and the latest insights involving business conduct. We help new B&B owners get started with a newsletter filled with practical tips, and bring B&B owners into contact with each other in our LinkedIn discussion group.

Dutch Bed & Breakfast Classification

Bedandbreakfast.nl is the only accommodation website with an offer of classified bed and breakfasts. These B&Bs have been checked by mystery guests and have been awarded an official quality mark by Stichting Bed & Breakfast Nederland (the Dutch Bed & Breakfast Foundation). You can recognize these B&Bs from the pink tulips with the listings. A bed & breakfast can have 1 to 5 tulips, ranging from basic to very luxurious. All classified bed & breakfasts meet the minimum quality standards connected to their quality class. See all classified B&Bs on Bedandbreakfastclassificatie.nl.

Would you like to experience the charm of a bed & breakfast yourself? Have a look on Bedandbreakfast.nl and let yourself be inspired by the enormous diversity in accommodations. By using the search options you will quickly find your dream location for an unforgettable stay.

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